Health I Syllabus

C. Vaughan


Class Description:  Students acquire the health information and skills necessary to become healthy adults and learn about behaviors in which they should and should not participate.  Students develop skills that will make them health-literate adults.  Students gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge and behaviors they use to safeguard their health, particularly pertaining to health risks.  Students are taught how to access accurate information that they can use to promote health for themselves and others.  Students use problem-solving, research, goal-setting and communication skills to protect their health and that of the community.


Supplies:  Blue or black and red ink pens and pencils

                  One 3 ring binder (1 to 1 ½ inches)

                  Loose leaf paper

                  May check out a text book for home


Grading Policy:          Exams / Quizzes and Projects – 50%

                                    Individual Class Work and Homework – 40%

                                    Notebook, warm-up activities, writings – 10%


Expectations:  All students are expected to do ALL assigned work and turn it in on time.  For students who have been absent (excused), it is his/her responsibility to find out the work missed during the absence.  Students need to see me in order to make arrangements for missed tests, quizzes and presentations for any absences.  If work is turned in late the student will not receive full credit and if turned past five days of being absent credit will not be given.  REDO policy for Burges:  within one week, 1 hour of tutoring required, no grade higher than a 70 will be given. 


Tardy Policy:  Any student coming in tardy will be assigned a 30 minute detention, per Burges policy.  Students are tardy if they are not seated when the tardy bell rings.  Students who arrive 15 minutes after the tardy bell rings are counted absent.


Technology Policy:  No Cell Phones, I-pads, Lap Tops or other electronic devices unless specifically directed by the teacher for educational use.


Etiquette and Behavior:        NO Gum and/or Candy

                                                 I.D. cards must be worn at all times

                                                 Dress Code will be enforced!

                                                 Be respectful at all times!