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The Benefits of Wrestling – 15 reasons why you should wrestle

1. To make friends and build real, meaningful relationships

Wrestling is a great place for you to make friends and become more sociable, this is especially true for combat sports like wrestling, the close contact and physical demands of the sport ensure that building special friendships is an unavoidable and most beneficial aspect wrestling.

2. To build confidence

Any physically demanding sport will inevitable build you into a confident person, but this is especially true for the sport of wrestling. Regular attendance at wrestling practices will most certainly increase the following: physical ability, mental ability, social independence, health and fitness, and friendship circle, all of which will build your confidence as a direct result.

3. To get fit or maintain physical fitness

Wrestling is a great way for you to maintain and even supercharge your fitness. Regular attendance at wrestling practices will 100% improve your fitness because wrestling is a very physically demanding sport which uses multiple muscles groups and multiple energy systems to perform. Due to the fast paced and physically exhausting nature of the sport even drilling techniques will build muscular endurance, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, strength, speed, agility and co-ordination. Wrestlers are some of the most well rounded and fittest athletes on earth.

4. To Instill and encourage self-discipline

If you attend wrestling practices, you will undoubtedly develop more a disciplined approach to life as a direct consequence of their wrestling training. This can come from a multiplicity of sources including, physical fitness, diet and nutrition, assistant coaching and leading, technique drilling and even things such as wrestling student chores such as helping coaches maintain gym cleanliness (I used to stay behind to hover and mop the mats with my coach!).

5. To Improve knowledge of diet and nutrition

The competitive aspects of wrestling and many other combat sports always involve diet and weight management, especially if you are competitive. Because competitive wrestling involves being categorized into specific weight categories it is pivotal that you’re eating plan is maintained properly in order to make weight, not making weight can lead to you being overpowered and out matched. Weight management and nutrition is something always taught to wrestlers. This ensures your diet will be exceptionally healthy.

6. To be able to defend yourself safely

Wrestling is a great way for you to combat bullying safely and efficiently without anyone getting hurt, because the art of wrestling has no striking, a person can successfully and safely defend an aggressor with a technique, and safely keep the aggressor neutralized until help arrives (although this is a last resort, telling an adult or settling problems with words are always a preferable option).

7. To have a hobby that is positive

Wrestling is a very positive hobby for any person to have. The benefits are almost innumerable! Wrestling practices that are attended regularly will provide you with a much more positive and productive lifestyle as a consequence. A great reason why you should wrestle!

8. To provide you with the option of higher education

If you become a committed wrestler, you can gain a wrestling scholarship into colleges, scholarships that can eventually lead to very successful careers in such pursuits as: Olympic competition, wrestling coaching in schools, colleges and gyms, Mixed Martial Arts and much more. Practicing wrestling can also lead to jobs in promotion, regulation and judging.

9. To provide an outlet to keep you out of trouble

Wrestling is a great pursuit to provide focus and discipline in any person’s life, no matter their circumstances. The pursuit of excellent in any sporting hobby can be a life changing and even lifesaving staple in community.

10. Wrestling is a worldwide and culturally rich sport

You should try wrestling because you will encounter people from all over the world and this is a great reason why you should wrestle. You will learn about different wrestling styles, wrestling techniques and their country of origin. When you participate in wrestling competition you will also wrestle against people from all over the globe. Wrestling is a sport that unquestionably crosses social boundaries and drives people to a new level of understand of different cultures.

11. Wrestling is fun

Wrestling is a great way to participate in sport and have a hell of a lot of fun doing so! You should wrestle because a well taught session is especially rich in wrestling games, fun drills, and purposeful play. Watching your technique improve and sparring ability progress is also a really fun aspect of wrestling, who doesn’t like winning medals right?

12. Wrestling skills can be applied to life

Wrestling is a very demanding but also very rewarding sport if you’re committed enough, all the things you will learn from wrestling will undoubtedly set you or your wrestling child up for life. As the popular quote by Dan Gable goes “once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy!”

13. Anyone can wrestle

Anyone can wrestle, no matter your age, gender, weight, height, religion and sexual orientation. Wrestling is a universal sport, it does not discriminate or discourage any one to participate. As long you have the desire to participate all are welcome.

14. It develops mental both physical and mental toughness

Development of toughness is a great reason why you should wrestle, due to the intense and physically exhausting nature of the sport, mental toughness is developed automatically as a result. This is especially true for competing wrestlers. Wrestling is a sport that pits one person against another in a one on one scenario. It is this kind of competition that develops mental toughness the most, as the only person you have to rely on is yourself, therefore a wrestler must work on their mental game as much as their technique and physicality to really excel.

15. Wrestling is cool, therefore you are cool.

Why you should wrestle? Obviously because it’s super cool. No more explanation needed.