UTEP and EPCC will be here to register all of our Seniors (cohort 2017) for ApplyTX and FAFSA Id's  on

Tuesday,  September 13, 2016

Seniors will be called out in Alpha order beginning with the 1st group, 1st period after taking attendance then continuing through 5th period, possibly 6th period.

Teachers will take attendance sometime during your class as the whole process will take about an hour and we will wait for each group to finish before starting the next group.  

Each group will start or end during your class so you should have your Senior sometime during your class to take attendance.  Seniors will be given a notice of what group they are part of and what labs to report to, RM. 131, 135, or the Go Center.  

We appreciate your flexibility and time taken from class, this is a necessary evil that we do to support our graduating Seniors after they leave us and to fulfill our District/School initiatives.

Contact Mr. BECK for additional information.

October 26th, parent conference night

We will be having our FAFSA night, two birds with one stone kind of thing!  

November 3rd,  College Fair day

College Fair Day will be held in the Main Gym.  

November 9th,   ASVAB test

November 9th we will be giving the ASVAB test in the morning at no charge to anyone interested.