Burges receives the most UTEP scholarships in EPISD

The #1 school in EPISD to receive the most UTEP scholarships
Posted on 12/23/2016
UTEP academic scholarship awarded to BurgesEPISD reported at the end of fall semester during a surprise celebration at W.H. Burges High School and according to UTEP recruiter Danielle Garcia "Burges was the number one school in EPISD to get the most scholarships."

 "With their outstanding academic caliber we are proud that they will be representing our institution, and we are honored to have them as part of our prestigious UTEP Scholars Excellence Program," states Garcia.

In total, the students earned a total of $160,000 in scholarships. The 13 Burges Mustangs who received UTEP academic scholarships are: 

Jaeden Fiocca 
Michael Guillen
Arielle Mack
Marco Martinez
Seth Van Matre
Bianca Navarrete
Isaac Ortiz
Anthony Ramirez
Ryan Ross
Jaymee Saldivar
Olivia Valerio 
Mark Williams
Elayne Winfield

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