Attendance Office

Parents are required to ensure students are in attendance in school every school day unles the child has a state approved reason for being absent.  State approved absences include illness, communicable disease or weather hazard. Students who are absent for other reason will be marked unexcused and parents will receive court warnings. 

Reporting an Absence:
- Parent has up to 48 hours to report an absence.
- Parent will call 236-7201 and leave a message on automated line. They must leave the name of the student, ID #, Reason for absence and name of the person calling.
- Illnesses totaling three or more consecutive days require a doctor's note.

Extended Absences:
- must be prearranged and approved by Administrator prior for the absences to be considered excused. Parents are still responsible for calling in absence. Parents must complete Extended Absence Request Form and have it signed by the Administrator for the files.

Early Pick Up:
- Parent or guardian must present picture ID for the time of pick up
- Please allow up to 15 minutes to pick up student (no call ahead of time)
- Only individuals listed on the Emergency Card will be authorized to pick up student unless other arrangements have been made.

Medical Appointments:
Absence is coded as a medical no note (MNN) until a doctor's note is brought in

Funeral Leave:
- Approved for one day of leave
- Out of town is authorized 5 days. Need to get approval by Administrator prior to leave

College Visits
Written permission is required for college visits prior to absence. A signed note from te college will be required upon the student's return.

Emergency Illness:

- Student needs to obtain a pass from teacher to go see the nurse
- the school nurse will notify the parent to pick up student. (If student calls and makes request it is considered an unexcused absence)
- Students who are 18 years old may not sign themselves out.