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Burges High School 

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This page will help to assist military families with grades, attendance, deployments, reunions, classes, and anything else that you may need.  

Military Block Leave Request Procedures

  1. Secure either Block Leave Orders or a letter from your Commanding Officer stating the dates of the Reintegration Block Leave.
  2. Plan your leave per dates provided.
  3. Acquire Block Leave Packet from the school by contacting the Registrar. If you have more than one student you will need to fill out a form for each one.
  4. Review your student’s grades. If your student is failing or in danger of failing classes, extended absences are not recommended.
  5. Submit the Block Leave Packet, along with copy of orders or letter from commanding officer to the school no later than ten (10) school days before the first day of requested leave to ensure timely processing.
  6. A meeting with the principal will be scheduled once all paperwork is submitted to the registrar’s office to discuss the request. 

Early Leave Request Procedures

1. If you are requesting an early withdrawal due to relocating to another city or district, please contact the registrar as soon as you know.

2. Military parent must submit a copy of your orders or a letter from your Commanding Officer stating the date(s) of your departure.

3. If you have more than one student be sure to complete a form for each student. Please note: Individuals who are going on vacation are not eligible.

4. A meeting will be set with the principal to review request, teacher comment forms, grades and attendance.

5. If the principal approves the early withdrawal, process for will withdrawal will be started based on what the last day for the student will be.