Ulises Neira Galaviz

Hello all,

I am Mr. Galaviz, biology teacher at Burges High School. I hold a Bachelor of Science in biology (2009), a Master of Education (instructional specialist in teaching science) (2010), both from the University of Texas at El Paso and I am currently working on a Master of Arts in Teaching Science (May 2016) and a Master of Science in biology (May 2017). I am not the traditional sage-on-the-stage teacher; students see many different strategies in my classroom to include problem based learning, collaborative work by permanent groupings and active learning, all in the context of critical pedagogy. Technology is an essential tool in today's society and I try to utilize it in a meaningful manner to teach biology to my students, especially through the use of meaningful/relevant applications via laptops and iPads. Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns as it is the fastest method of communication (ugneirag@episd.org). My content website is on the Schoology portal, you can find everything pertaining to biology content in my class (powerpoints, videos, assignments, rubrics, etc). Click on the biology in Schoology link to the left of this window, it will take you to Schoology. If you are a parent of one of my students, her/his username and password were created by them, I can help you obtain them.